Top Five Erotica Publishers

25 Aug

Of course, in my typical cart-before-the-horse fashion, I’ve been researching erotic fiction publishers available out there. It seems like erotica is thriving in the ebook format, which is just fine by me. To be honest, I read even more erotica now that I can load up my Nook and travel with tons of smut at all times. Awesome, right?

But the companies that are out there publishing these erotica ebooks are tough to track down.  I discovered a few just by reading all that tiny printed front-matter of my own ebook collection, then did a little research on my own to see who’s big and bad in the industry. So for all the aspiring erotica authors out there, here’s a jumping off point for those query letters you’ve been drafting…

  1. Ellora’s Cave.  Named the “premiere publisher of erotic romance for women,” this publisher has been featured in Forbes magazine, Publisher’s Weekly, the Washington Post, and on the Montel Show. So far, I can’t figure out how to submit to them, but if I could… oh man…
  2. Carnal Desires Publishing. They say they publish sophisticated erotic literature, so do I count? Anyway, Carnal is a subsidiary of Double Dragon Publishing so they’re legitimate and upscale and looking for high caliber stuff. If you’ve got the goods, they’re open to submissions right now. Visit the website for the long, long list of criteria and guidelines.
  3. Phaze Books. This newer site is only six years old but boasts a long list of successful erotica authors writing in all kinds of erotica sub-genres. Even better, they love to find new talent, so unpublished authors like me actually have a shot!
  4. Liquid Silver Books. Besides having a super sexy title, this publisher is simple and straightforward, delivering sex-riddled books to its horny readership. Although not as “fancy” as some of the others, Liquid Silver is smaller and can provide more author-specific attention, but also get your book out there and sell it!
  5. Excessiva. As the publishers of big names like Selena Kitt, these guys have the dirty ebook market cornered it seems. So much so that they’re closed to submissions indefinitely. Boo to them.

I hope that’s enough to at least get you started! Happy hunting 🙂


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